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Profit over Fans

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

As of right now, April 21st, 2021, the Super League that was proposed a few days ago has collapsed just as soon as it came to light. The idea was met with an incredible amount of backlash from not just soccer fans, but sports fans all around the world. Clubs like Manchester City, AC Milan, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Liverpool, to name a few, all withdrew their initial interest in joining this classist and elitist league.

With the Super League, all 20 teams would keep their spot, regardless if their performance was phenomenal or poor. This was a very big problem with the proposal of the Super League. Micheal Brunskill said it best, “That sense of progression, the possibility to become an elite club, is really important" and with the Super League becoming a for-profit organization, they would be allowing clubs to be able to buy their way to winning.

So, what comes next? The teams that were involved in this league face a ton of backlash and awkward situations in the weeks and months coming. How do their competitors feel? It's no question that the teams involved have already disappointed their fans by showing what they really care about. Everyone, teams and fans feel betrayed and lied to by the clubs involved.

The Super League was no doubt a for-profit league created to directly benefit richer clubs. However, this is probably not the end of the Super League idea. Regardless, in the past days, soccer fans have come together to show just how loyal they are to their home team, and if whenever the idea is brought back up, hopefully, the clubs will keep the images and words from the past few days in mind.


"If 12 people want to meet to take football hostage, just to fill their pockets that are already so full that it's hard to put anything in, they can't win. Long term, they can't win,” this is what UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin had to say regarding the newly proposed Super League.

Earlier today, April 19th, 12 of Europe’s biggest Football Clubs announced that they planned to remove themselves from their current leagues and create a “super league.” Football, or as we call it soccer, is a universal sport and is Europe’s top sport. The news that came out today definitely surprised and shocked players and fans alike.

The Super League is not a new idea and has been talked about for years. There have been many proposals or ideas come forward, but none with this much credibility and defense. The idea that was announced today stated that 12 different clubs from Europe, all of whom play for some of Europe’s biggest leagues, would separate themselves to create a new league; The Super League. As of right now, if the league was given the OK to go ahead with establishing themselves, they would

  • offer permanent spots to some of the world's biggest clubs

  • play matches midweek

  • Receive a hefty paycheck, as compared to their counterparts in their current leagues

Many household names are planning on being a part of the Super League, including; Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and much more.

The Super League offers a huge payout from the very beginning for players who sign for them, according to The New York Times each of the members of the proposed Super League are being promised €350 million, which is equivalent to $425 million USD. This would force football to become a strict money sport. Since the top teams are moving into their own, elite and rich league, the Champions League would now no longer have some of their most attractive and profitable teams. This league is directly upon benefiting rich clubs and rich clubs only.

This plan is currently opposed by FIFA and UEFA, the governing bodies for international and European soccer, respectively. Spanish soccer league LaLiga said it perfectly, "Today football fans across Europe can dream that their club, no matter the size, may excel, climb to the top and compete at the pinnacle of European football. LaLiga defends this European tradition of football for all. The concept proposed by 12 European clubs destroys that dream, shutting the door to the top of European football, allowing in just an elite few.” UEFA has also responded by saying that players who join this league will be banned from the World Cup as well as playing for their national teams. FIFA announced that they would completely ignore the new organization, barring them from any competition with FIFA’s name attached. Many politicians are also against this new league stating that the league is moving away from the tradition and honesty that soccer was brought up on. This league is prioritizing financial gain over the fans and creating an inclusive society for some of the richest clubs.

This story will probably change a lot within the next few weeks, as it is a very new and controversial event. From what we can see now, just like these Leeds United players, is that this league may only offer more harm than good, and that good only going towards the rich, leaving the fans in the dust.

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