Coffee and Marketing - Two Art Forms

Coffee is something that is a staple in most of our everyday lives. I know it is most definitely a staple in mine. It’s just something about espresso over ice with a little bit of honey, that tastes like heaven on earth. But why do so many of us feel like we have to get coffee every day? The truth is, is for most of us, it’s not even just a feeling anymore its rather a special way of thinking for us, and the majority of us don’t even realize this.

Higher-order goals versus functional goals are two very important aspects of marketing. These two go hand in hand with each other as functional goals is why (at first) we buy something and higher-order goals are all of the underlying motivations as to why we buy something.

The functional goal of buying coffee is to get a little extra pick me up in the morning. What we don't know is that we actually consume caffeine in order to accomplish everything on our to do list. If you set up to accomplish three, four, or even five things throughout the day, and you accomplish only one or none, you're going to feel pretty disappointed in yourself. When we’re disappointed, especially within ourselves, it can cause feelings of doubt and sadness. So in order to bypass those feelings (at least as much as possible) we get caffeine to help us get through our day to day lists.

It amazes me that a simple drink can actually be so profound, that it can affect not only the outlook of our day, but the productivity as well. It also doesn't matter how you look at coffee when the same underlying motive is within all of us. Whether you dependent on it for the extra boost in the morning, or you just like drinking a nice cup and watching Netflix, the outcome is the same; we drink coffee because the feelings it avoids are just as great as the feelings that arise from enjoying a cup.

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